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CE.600: AvidAnalytics Roles

On Demand

In addition to your standard dashboards in AvidAnalytics, users with a developer license can create their own dashboards using underlying data. To ensure your users are assigned the appropriate license, let’s review the steps to manage your user’s roles and permissions.   

In this course, you will create customized roles for your AvidAnalytics licenses and assign those roles to the appropriate users. We will review how to:  

  1. Create two new custom roles for your AvidAnalytics licenses. 
  2. Assign permissions to your new **View Only and **Developer roles. 
  3. Add your users to their appropriate **View Only and/or **Developer roles. 
  4. Add the Analytics Module to the **View Only and **Developer roles. 

You can start this course and save your progress to complete it at a later time. We estimate this course to take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

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